How To Access Cisco Firewalls?


How to access Cisco firewalls is a common question. New users need clarification at the start. How to add a firewall to a network is the most raised query. Therefore, read this blog ahead. You will get helpful information about Cisco firewalls.

How to access Cisco firewalls?

how to access cisco firewall

Cyber-attacks are common to face. You could be the next target. Secure your system with Cisco firewalls before becoming a future victim. You never know how the intensity of cyber-attacks. Moreover, these cyber criminals could target you for great ransom.
Then the Cisco firewalls come with multilayered approaches for blocking threats. Further, the firewall link security across devices and networks. So you don’t have to worry about Cisco firewall security. To connect or approach Cisco firewalls, let you introduce the methods. Thus, the followings are the five common methods to access the firewalls.

How to access Cisco firewall is possible with five methods.

1. Via windows browser

Use the windows browser to access Cisco firewalls. Follow the following steps to access the firewall. Make sure that you have installed JAVA to your computer.

  • Open the internet browser.
  • Enter the required IP address in the tab. It will take you to the Cisco firewalls home page. The package you purchase includes credential details.
  • A page opens up, displaying connection insecurity.
  • Now proceed to the same page. It directs you to a login page of the firewall.
  • Insert the credentials details provided to you in your package.
  • Open Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. If not installed, then download it through the internet. Search this APP and then open it from your PC.
  • A dialogue box appears asking for VPN. Then, enter the VPN of the firewall.
  • Insert the VPN and connect to it.
  • Another dialogue box opens; enter the same credentials again.
  • If VPN is correct, it shows a successful connection. It states that your PC has access to the firewall. Also, it is protected with Cisco firewall products.

2. Via Console cable

  • To connect to the Cisco firewalls, get a console cable. This cable is different than ordinary network cables.
  • To get serial access, connect it to your PC using COM1 or 2.
  • Similarly, download puTTy software. The software helps in connecting the cable to the correct port.
  • Opening puTTy will open a dialogue box. Further, you can change the port sequence here.
  • After selecting the serial number and series name, click on open.
  • Hence, it connects. It granted accessibility to the firewall.

3. Via Windows Telnet Client

  • For this method, you need to open the windows command prompt.
  • A dialogue box opens when you press CMD in the search bar.
  • Afterward, enter Telnet.
  • Then, enter the IP address of your Cisco firewall device.
  • Now insert the password of the Cisco home firewall.
  • You have gained control of the firewall.

4. Via Adaptive security device manager (ASDM)

  • Insert the IP address for the Cisco network firewall in the browser. It will launch the ASDM dialogue box.
  • You will then launch its application.
  • Afterward, enter the firewall password.
  • By accepting the default settings, you will reach a finished installation. Now, your Cisco enterprise firewall is finally accessed.

5. Via Secure shell protocol (SSH)

  • Allow access to Cisco firewalls to SSH protocol.
  • To begin, open puTTy software.
  • Then, click on SSH and insert the IP address of the firewall.
  • Afterward, you will enter the credentials of the firewall. It then grants access to the best Cisco firewall.

Access Cisco firewalls for small businesses

cisco small business firewall

Small businesses often look for simplified network security systems. They need to choose a Cisco small business firewall. They might have a limited team. Similarly, they want a simple solution. For most such businesses, Cisco offers cloud-managed firewalls. It provides both cloud and physical network security.
After they purchased a Cisco business firewall, then what to do? They need to learn how to access Cisco small business firewalls to succeed. Therefore, they need a simple solution for it. The ways for the access firewall can help them. Thus, each of the methods is unique and conducts a separate process. Whatever works for them, they can opt for it.

Cisco firewall types

cisco firewalls

Let’s brief you about some firewall types. You will find their kind according to Cisco firewall prices. Then you can access any of these firewalls easily. It doesn’t matter which kind of firewall you have. The methods above apply to every type.

  • Proxy firewall

Primarily, it secures the internal network. It inspects the internet traffic of the system. Then permits or blocks the traffic.

  • Next generation firewall

It belongs to third-generation Cisco firewalls. Then, it inspects internet traffic at the application level.

  • Virtual firewall

This type of firewall protects a virtual environment. A virtual firewall is based on software. Then, it guards the internet traffic between virtual and physical networking.

  • Unified threat management firewall

You will find both hardware and software security equipment. Hence, Cisco firewalls defend against internal threats.


The question of how to access Cisco firewalls has multiple answers. Through a variety of methods, you can access the firewalls. Follow the instructions for each technique explained above. Similarly, you can buy Cisco firewalls to secure your system.

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