Advantages Of Upgrading To Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series


The difficulty in the world of networking is to have a stable platform for accessing multiple devices. And also ensuring that everything remains in connectivity. However, with modern problems such as lagging in networking, you will find it difficult to look for stable solutions. One good method is to use reliable and effective switches for connectivity. We refer to Cisco Catalyst switches that have been a reliable source for connecting multiple stations without any breakup in power. However one model of it, the Cisco Catalyst 9300 has good acceptance. In this read, we will be showing why the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series is increasingly in demand when it comes to upgrades.

The Working Purpose of a Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switch

Anything that connects multiple devices and systems eases the working. In essence, things that improve connectivity ensure that disbanding is not an issue. A switch in general, such as Cisco Catalyst 9300, has the sole purpose to connect items. These include wireless access points, computers, printers, servers, and other necessary devices. But the best part of this connection is that it connects all such devices within the same building. Many think that items connected in bulk in a building reduce speed and offer errors such as disbanding. But with the Cisco Catalyst 9300 or Cisco 9300 Catalyst switch, you can avoid facing all such issues.

Benefits of Upgrading to Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series in Comparison to Other Cisco Catalyst Access Switches Based on Cisco Catalyst 9300 Datasheet

When the talk is to upgrade to a thing, the need is to search for positives that will be on offer. In addition to this, there is not just the Cisco Catalyst 9300 that is being offered by Cisco. In contrast, many options will be highlighted below but we will be offering a detailed comparison to show why upgrades are necessary

Scale and Performance

Bandwidth per stack is the first thing to deal with in the scale and performance sector. The older and comparable types have either no bandwidth per stack or range from 32 to 480 Gbps. But the Cisco Catalyst 9300 has around 1TB bandwidth per stack of copper and fiber. In Uplinks, you will either get 2x10G or 4x1G in previous versions.
But with the new one, you can expect to have 2x, 4x dual rate 100G/40G. Multigigabit technology is only present in the 3850 series but in the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series, it is added with Uplink. This feature enhances speeds of 1G in traditional environments.

Advanced Security

The native flexibility is not such an improvement but only a continuation from the 3850 series to the 9300 series. The same trend is followed in the Cisco TrustSec for wireless and wired networks. Again, it is only a continuation of the previous type into the other one. Trustworthy Solutions go the same way from the 3850 series to the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series. These options give the benefit of role-based access to corporate resources.
Also, the Native MACsec-256 encryption, there is supported for 10G models only, and the Cisco Catalyst 9300 is supported by all formats. This makes 9300 the most secure link authentic and encrypted platform. Cisco Umbrella is only present in the o300 series. And the benefits of this sole feature are abundant and excessive. For example, this cloud security service acts as the first defense to combat threats where a user accesses the internet.

Simplicity and Automation

A good CPU speed enhances automation and speeds the work in progress. This can only happen with a good speed, something like the x86 CPU offered by Cisco, but only for the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series switches. Cisco IOS is an operating system that is dedicated to Cisco users. Such a feature is available in the Cisco 3850 series alongside the 9300 series.
The primary benefit of this Cisco IOS is to have a common networking OS across routing, switching, IoT, and wireless. In the 9300 series, you have an additional benefit of not needing a separate device for each fabric role with enabled SD-Access. Rapid problem isolation alongside visibility for wired and wireless networking are additives you can get.

Build your Device

To a device that keeps your specifications and necessities to the point, you need access points. The maximum number of access points in the Cisco Catalyst 9300 remains at 200, in comparison to 100 found only in the 3850 series. UAPD 2.0 and 2.5sec AISC enable converged access for operational simplicity and scaling in the case of wired and wireless access.
From the public feedback and customer response, the end-to-end quality of experience is highly satisfactory and of a higher quality only for the 9300 series of Cisco switches. Applications visibility is not a major upgrade from 3850since it is present equally in the 9300 series likewise.

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Comparison to Other Cisco Switches

Above, we had been highlighting the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series switches as a unit or platform. But every series of switches contain a specific product that is the highlight. In the 9300 series of Cisco switches, the C9300L is the one to look out for among Cisco Catalyst 9300 compare models. In addition to this, people often question why is there a need to highlight and compare a specific product. A specific product comparison leads to understanding if purchasing or using it is beneficial. So let’s repeat all the steps from above like on the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series.

Scale and Performance

We will be highlighting and comparing the 3650 series to the C9300L or 9300 L/LM models. When it comes to bandwidth per stack, the Cisco Catalyst 9300L/LM models have a bandwidth per stack of 320 Gbps in comparison to 120 Gbps. The benefits include multigigabit support for wired and wireless networks. We can say that when it comes to Uplinks, the 9300 models have only the option for 4x1G and 4x10G at fixed.
But the 3650 series offers more options alongside these. Adding and sending patches is another great way of keeping your users intact to the work and ensuring that they remain stuck to the product. In the Cisco Catalyst 9300 L/LM series, you can easily add patches without thinking about the next maintenance release.

Advanced Security

Just like in the previous explanation, the native flexibility is not unique in any of the Cisco switches. Hence, whatever you find in the Cisco Catalyst 9300 L/LM is also present in the previous 3650 series. The Cisco TrustSec is also a continuation of the previous model to the new one. It favors role-based access to corporate resources. Also, the Trustworthy Solutions are present in both categories hence no improvement is what you will see.
Native MACsec-256 encryption is present only in the Cisco Catalyst 9300 L/LM series. This provides authentic linking and encryption through Cisco Catalyst 9300 configuration guide. Traffic analysis ensures that you get to know of malware that eases correcting them. The following feature is present in the Cisco Catalyst 9300 L/LM switches that detect malware hidden within encrypted traffic without performing decryption.

Simplicity and Automation

The x86 CPU speed offered in the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series, enables the enhanced speed of automation. Enhanced speed is great when linking high-end servers and devices. Cisco’s OS is offering a simplified and dedicated OS that allows a single interface across switching, routing, and wireless. App hosting is also a positive factor present within the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series switches. You will also experience Python scripting and programmable interfaces.

Additional Reasons to Upgrade Based on Cisco Catalyst 9300 Data Sheet

Nothing appears as enough when you search for upgrading reasons. It is since you need to upgrade for your betterment and ease the workflow. But whatever we have been telling regarding the Cisco Catalyst 9300, there remain more reasons to upgrade.

  • Cisco 9300 catalyst servers are easy to manage and create. It is since the automation is easy that enhances speed and improves quality. With Cisco, you can get visibility for wired and wireless networks that further improve and strengthens security.
  • Meraki Dashboard helps in monitoring and managing the cloud. Thus, it offers greater visibility and management, as found in Cisco Catalyst 9300 configuration example.
  • Higher performance, service insurance, improved Cisco Catalyst 9300 network module, and visibility brings benefits and satisfaction to the customer’s end. This happens with embedded Cisco DNA Spaces alongside ThousandEyes network testing. In short, this enhances better customer experience and satisfaction levels.
  • With Cisco Catalyst 9300 series, you improved end-to-end security for handling threats. This handling of threats can happen at any time before, during, and after the attacks of these errors.

Conclusion: Efficient Catalyst 9300 Cisco Switches

Being electronic components, visibility, improvement, and capability are the factors to focus on. In Cisco Catalyst 9300 series, everything is either improved from the previous types or models or they are kept at a good rate. This setup has enhanced how people treat and look at this switch series. Features such as using a single interface for connectivity only enhance multitasking. In addition to this, such switch systems offer good idealization of errors and their detections. Apart from this, everything feels great when upgrading to Cisco Catalyst 9300 series. Try using and reading the Cisco Catalyst 9300 configuration guide pdf for better understanding.

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