We provide the best products at the most reasonable price and the most in-depth service.

If the product has quality problem, how can we solve it?

If there is a problem with the product during the warranty period, it can be sent back for repair or even replacement.

How do you guarantee delivery the product after payment?

We are a Gold Supplier and an honest supplier,we promise that we will deliver the product to you after payment is confirmed,if you fail to receive the product,you can complain to us which is very serious for the supplier. We want to do long-term business with you.

Is your Cisco product original?

Yes, the product is an original product.

Do we support picking up goods from our warehouse?

Yes, we support customers to pick up the goods in warehouse.

Are there any restrictions on the delivery area?

Under normal circumstances, our products can be delivered all over the world.

Note: You had better to find out the clearance requirements in advance apply in that country, including taxes and policies, etc.

What Express Delivery will our products be sent to customers?

We have trusted partners and freight companies that we have worked with for many years. There is also an extra layer of protection for the goods sent to you. Of course, if the customer has a forwarder in China, we will also ship to your forwarder.

How to Save on Shipping?

To save your shipping cost, Glory Information Limited suggests you buy all items in one time in one order. This will minimize the shipping cost for each item and save your cost.

What currency of settlement do we support?

We support RMB or USD settlement.

The tax you need to pay?

Yes, in different countries or areas, the taxes/duties are different upon different value & goods. Our price term does not include buyer’s local import taxes/duties.