Why Upgrade To Cisco Catalyst 9600?

The Cisco Catalyst 9600 switch series attempts to revolutionize the Campus Core Network paradigm with its next-generation technology and service platform software.

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Switch Series


Cisco Catalyst 9600 is an enterprise-grade switch based on a modular core switch design. It is a leading switch series of the Catalyst 9000 family that revolutionizes how you handle your network by upgrading with the changing needs of a hybrid station. Cisco Catalyst 9600 easily accommodates the dynamics of a workplace hosting the software globally through universal endpoints.
Redefine the Future of your Enterprise with Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Switches.
Cisco is here to help you grow your business at a low operational cost by effectively leveraging artificial intelligence, programming, and human capital. Accelerate your growth with the sustained innovation that Cisco Catalyst 9600 series switches bring through enhanced security and stronger connections. The Cisco Catalyst 9600 series is intent-built to scale resiliency at par with the industry’s security guidelines.
As a fundamental constituent of Cisco Digital Network Architecture, Cisco 9600 strives to ensure an optimal level of functioning without any complexities. The security features of the Cisco 9600 protect the system’s overall health, including the integrity of the hardware, software, and data that passes through the circuit. It ensures a seamless flow of work with resilience and innovation.

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Datasheet and Product Overview

Cisco 9600, integrated with Cisco IOS XEs open API and ASIC automation, offers a futuristic approach. An overview of the Cisco 9600 Datasheet is as follows.
The best thing about Q200 ASIC is that it delivers high performance without the implications of external memories. The multiple-slice internal format with on-chip 2.5D High Bandwidth Memory enables unprecedented switching capacity with full routing.
Cisco Catalyst 9600 has a multiple-core X86 CPU built for high performance and unmatched security. It is a purpose-driven modular core switching platform for WAN edge services (IoT and cloud).
It delivers incomparable table scale and buffering for all enterprise needs, be it route, MAC, or ACL.
The Cisco switch 9600 series is the pioneer of a line of purpose-built modular switches featuring 40 to 400 Gigabit Ethernet.

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Chassis


Cisco Catalyst 9600 series switches offer one chassis option and two supervisor options. With multiple-line cards, Catalyst 9600 can accommodate and scale 192 Ethernet ports with 10 and 25 Gigabit configurations. The redundant chassis supports 1 + 1 redundant supervisor engines, offering High Availability. It is complete with full-image In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU) that enable HA for business-critical applications by packet forwarding during engine switchover.
The enterprise-optimized Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series chassis allows complete accessibility to remove all portable components like power supplies, fan trays, line cards, and supervisors. It has efficient side-to-side airflow and cable management for full rear accessibility support for the fan tray.

Cisco Supervisor Engine

The Supervisor engine supports next-generation mobility over a secure network. Cisco Supervisor Engine 1 is the first ASIC to support double-width hardware tables that provide excellent performance for IPv4 and IPv6.
The template-based customizable allocation of Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding ACL and QoS entries makes it ready for next-generation core technologies.
The Cisco Catalyst 9600 Supervisor 2 is built on the Silicon One Q200 ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit), a next-generation innovation for enterprise network core. It has a programmable P4 pipeline and offers up to 25.6 Tbps (full-duplex 12.8 Tbps) switching capacity, the first one to do so.
The following table indicates the minimum software requirements for the Supervisor Engines.

Supervisor Engine Software Requirement
Cisco 9600 Supervisor Engine 1 IOS XE Software 16.11.1
Cisco 9600 Supervisor Engine 2 IOS XE Software 17.7.1

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Line Cards


Cisco 9600 switch can support numerous line card arrangements to support aggregation deployments. The following table illustrates the compatibility of different line cards with Supervisor Engines 1 and 2.

The Line Card Model Supervisor Engine
C9600-LC-24C Supervisor Engine 1 and 2
C9600-LC-48YL Supervisor Engine 1 and 2
C9600-LC-48TX Supervisor Engine 1 and 2
C9600-LC-48S Supervisor Engine 1 
C9600-LC-40YL4CD Supervisor Engine 1 and 2
C9600X-LC-32CD Supervisor Engine 2

Cisco Catalyst 9600 series also offers the company’s subscription-based software licenses- Cisco IOS XE and Cisco DNA, whereby customers can purchase the required features.

Cisco IOS XE

Cisco’s standardized solutions are open and compliant with every stage of the network switch. Through network automation, Cisco IOS XE opens up new network configuration, operation, and segmentation aspects. The mechanism can be attributed to the following:

Automated Device Provisioning: Cisco provides a PXE (Plug and Play and Preboot Execution) environment as a part of its turnkey solutions for automatic upgrades and installs when the files are deployed on the network for the first time.
API-driven Configuration: It is compatible with the latest modular network switches to provide network resources.
Granular Visibility: This model facilitates data streaming from the switch to the specified destination at regular intervals. This data is discernable by the YANG data set subscription. Also, the risk identification and mitigation response is quick since the network monitoring is as good as real-time in the push model.
Seamless Hot Patching: Cisco IOS XE provides hot patching without reboot on Cisco Catalyst 9600 switches, allowing for quick fixes for critical problems between maintenance updates.

Cisco DNA Advanced Subscriptions

You can buy software for the access domain with Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions. DNA makes it easy for you to buy, manage, and upgrade our network infrastructure throughout the product’s life. DNA Advanced Subscription has the following advantages.

  • Effectively distribute customer spending on the software over time using flexible license models.
  • Software Service-authorized license portability exercises investment protection for software purchase.
  • Low entry cost for the Switching Model.

Cisco SD-Access

Cisco SD-Access is a software-driven architecture that accelerates and simplifies an enterprise’s network operations. At its core, digital transformation is all about the dynamic functionality of the enterprise network—a secure, programmable, and integrated network powers businesses by maximizing agility and scalability. As a part of the DNA (Digital Network Architecture) platform, the Cisco SD-Access allows companies to expand by opening up avenues for new opportunities and empowering them to seize them.
SD-Access adds an essential layer of protection and security. The SD-Access enterprise architecture offers the following benefits:

Increases Visibility: Track previously unidentified endpoints and ensure their compliance with network security policies. Set standards for network policies and deny or permit network usage interactions.
Continuous Monitoring: Track all devices connected to the network and mitigate any potential threat through endpoints.
Zero-trust Security: Provide only required access to personnel and eliminate the risk of breaches through enhanced regulatory compliance.
IoT Integration: Network segmentation minimizes network attack surface and simplifies deploying IoT devices.
Troubleshooting: SD-Access reduces troubleshooting time by detecting and intercepting threats early on using analytical decision-making.
Network segmentation: Expect quick response network segmentation with the dynamic interaction of micro and macro segmentation to enforce network security policies across all devices on the network edge.
Furthermore, SD-Access also provides automation from edge to cloud through the Cisco DNA Center Appliance. Get network assurance with predictable performance and scalability through ISE (Cisco Identity Services Engine).

Benefits of Upgrading to the Cisco Catalyst 9600


Cisco 9600 switches provide better functionality, performance, and security than previous models.

  • Cisco SD-Access delivers cost-effective functionality with decreased downtime and fewer complexities. It is simple to automate policies and get a detailed insight into all users, devices, and applications.
  • Evaluate performance across the network with data analysis derived from real-time and memory. This way, you can ensure that the system runs as it learns to adapt and predict risks before they occur.
  • Improve user experience for customers and employees by increasing network performance and providing better support for apps and mobility.
  • Make your business more productive and strengthen your protection with end-to-end security solutions. Simplify security complications with advanced features that detect and eliminate threats.

Finance your switch migration with Cisco Capital

Upgrading your system won’t burn a hole in your pocket; Cisco makes sure of it. Cisco Catalyst 9600 series switches price range is between $9000 and $12000. You can choose the Cisco Capital Easy Pay option to upgrade to the Cisco 9600 switch and accelerate your digital transformation. Secure all hardware, software, services, and associated third-party plug-ins with the Easy Pay option. This plan comes with upfront costs, and you get to pay 90% of the amount in three years with interest-free monthly payments. Ultimately, you can either extend your lease or purchase the solution with the remaining 10% of the original Cisco Catalyst 9600 price.

Boost your Business with Cisco 9600

Cisco is committed to providing the best services to its clients, old and new, to help accelerate your digital transformation. Catalyst 9600 remains true to its family and brings updated network solutions for enterprise-wide applications. The platform hosts upgrades and optimization services for all your security and functionality processes.
Our expertise helps you achieve a streamlined operational switching model at the lowest cost. Scale your business through our best practices to speed up upgrades, detect and mitigate risks, increase visibility, and simplify management by controlling all wired and wireless networks through a single access point. Evolve to the latest Cisco Catalyst 9600 series and unlock groundbreaking business potential.

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